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Chakra Oil

Counting on our impeccable track record, we have been instrumental when it comes to offer Chakra Oil As an organization which is focused on providing the unsurpassed quality; we strive to do the same. The notable features of our product like optimum composition, longer shelf life, high effectiveness and purity make it appreciated by customers round the globe. It can be applied by direct inhalation or anointment.


Details : We provide Chakra Oil which can be used as a portal to help open and balance the chakras. Chakra Oil provided by us consists of complex synergies of energetically infused essential oils, gem elixirs and flower essences as well as herbs and crystals. Chakra Oil may be used in a number of ways; one can simply inhale directly from the bottle or may also anoint each chakra point with a drop or two of the corresponding chakra oil. For healing, place a small amount of chakra oil in your hand. Rub palms together and gently stroke or rest hand in the area where needed.

Uses And Indications :

  • Root chakra oil  - Centering, Grounding, Stabilizing
  • Spleen chakra oil  - Creativity, Sensuality, Patience
  • Solar plexus chakra oil  - Clarity, Focus, Self Esteem
  • Heart chakra oil  - Compassion, Balance, Love
  • Throat chakra oil  - Determination, Harmony, Wholeness
  • Brow chakra oil  - Insights, Awareness, Empowerment
  • Crown chakra oil  - Inner Vision, Inspiration, Enlightenment